Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gaming Cinematics

I am relatively new to the online gaming community, as I have been playing largely on consoles since the wee age of 2, and anytime I did play connected games i was strictly with friends over individual LAN connections. I was really turned off by the addiction that some people tend to have when involved in evolving PC worlds, and I didn't like how it intruded into real waking lives. Plus what everyone says about the online gaming community is true: it is largely toxic. Probably only 5-10% of players are toxic, but they can ruin the game for everyone. I have no shame in blocking people who are disgusting, rude, or obnoxious. There are plenty of amazingly nice and creative players out there for me! Since being introduced to League of Legends I am now part of the online gaming community, exposed to all its wonder and all of its horrors! The cinematics created for these constantly developing IPs (it's like living, breathing, evolving art!!) are just incredible to me. They're different from short films in that they're not really meant to tell an all encompassing story, but they're all about THE FEELING. These cinematics give me so many shivers as they manage to communicate so many things without WORDS, just images, music, DIVINE animation, and gorgeous effects. I love it, and it really inspires me!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Healing Body

My Healing Body is a drawing I made that reflects my inner vision of what my body looks like in its healing mode.  As Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says, we are literally made of star dust, and I love to meditate on that. It ended up looking a bit like an 80's record album cover, or a Sailor Moon transformation, but I am super OK with that!

Here are links to all my million pages since I haven't updated in a while:
( I still haven't figured out my favorite place to post my work!)
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Part of a new Crew

It's been oh so long and it may be a while before I post again as I am getting used to a new flow of life here in Windsor. I'm part of a part time retail team at Crew Clothing and have the honor of being a little creative with our product.  It's been difficult to be creative with my energies working on other things, but hopefully things like this will keep things going and I'll have more sparkles, rainbows, and ponies soon.
Miracles Abound!

Oh and apparently I haven't shared this one yet... from a while ago!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Floating On...

Last year around this time, my motto was "stay the course". Batten down the hatches, hold on tight, practice what you know, and wait for the storm to pass.  The storm has passed. I have settled into calmer waters. And now it is time for me to float for a while.
I'm having another one of those periods of great energy and happiness. I still struggle with my ego and what I "Should be able to do!" and my limitations, but I remind myself of how far I have come and how I am steadily still moving forward on my recovery and I remind myself... just float... like a leaf in a stream.
My life in a nutshell at the moment  : I'm working afternoons during the week at a retail shop. Yes, my Master's degree is still yelling at me about this. But baby steps!!! I have managed to make enough money to book a trip back to the USA for Thanksgiving to finally introduce the love of my life (my angel and the man who saved my life!) to the rest of my family.  I also finally am re-building a wardrobe that has gone nearly threadbare after a year out of a suitcase.  I also finally have a little spending money to take myself out to lunch once in a while and buy a bottle of nail polish. It's the little things!!!
As last time I wrote, I am still not able to spend much energy on my more creative persuits. I still love spending lots of time looking at others' artwork, but for myself it just hasn't gelled. I'm going to be ok with that for a while, even though part of me is like "WHHHYYY the world thinks you are wasting your talent!!!!" . For now I'm like "shhhh. I'm floating on an elephant."

(This amazing piece done by ittybittynidhi )
I read a great blog from a 20 something who had quit her job to find her real creative potential. She was frustrated that her first few months were spent doing things that made her "happy" and then realized "Hey Alfie, this IS what it's all about." And it reminded me that even though I haven't written/drawn/painted my magnum opus, I need to let there be some time and space around the fact that I had an international move (twice in the last year!) and met the love of my life and was brave and ready enough to do those two things. Day to day its easy to lose that perspective, but in the grande scheme of things.... it's kind of a wow, and I'm willing to give myself the space around that to soak it all in.
Hope you all get to float on elephants soon too.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Give it all for Love

A year ago I took off from LAX headed towards Frankfurt, Germany, to join my boyfriend Matt on his adventure of living and working in Europe.  Matt and I had met in 2010 at SIGGRAPH and kept in touch online. A little more than a year later we decided we were falling in love, and Matt came to spend 10 days with me in Denver for the first time as a couple. We became totally enmeshed and spoke for 6 hours at a time on Skype. The long distance relationship was so hard, and we decided only two months later (when I was struggling to find out what to do next, he said "please, please just come be with me.") to take the leap and live together. For me, that meant selling all my belongings and moving country.

It was the biggest risk I ever took, and by far has had the biggest payoff. Matt and I are truly in love. I never knew I could be so comfortable, playful, and blissed out in the company of another human being.

We've lived together a year tomorrow, and I am so happy to be here with him, happier every day, and I'm so glad that the scariest things I've ever chosen to do have also turned out to be the most fulfilling.

Recently we had a trip around Bristol and Bath, and got to spend some time with his family. Everything in England is so beautiful!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Jackson Paul Glass

My nephew JP Glass was born this morning in Denver, Colorado, at 3:30 in the morning. 7lbs 13oz of pure baby goodness: dark brown hair, blue eyes, and big feet.  I cannot wait to meet him.
My sister Heather was over a week late with baby glass (bbg), and her labor was 56 hours long after an induction on Sunday the 23rd.

She is my hero.

photoshop fun!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Year 7 of A New Hope for the Series of The Hobbits Journey to the Center of the Goblet of Fire

This week marks my 7th year into The Journey. I have been with the OHC for nearly 3 years now, and the world looks so different. I think year 7 is symbolic and wonderful for so many reasons, but I won't get into that, I'll just get into the real details of my life.

I have had thousands of revelations and philosophical epiphanies over the last three years. I have come to know myself at my core. I have shed my social anxiety and shyness. I have a cozy enveloping aura of compassion that allows me to open my heart to people around me instead of always worrying they'll need too much from me. I know that when I am stressed I have tools to help me get back to center. I know that "CENTER" is the most important place to be. My body is a finely tuned instrument for telling which foods make me feel good and which don't. I have a very strong understanding of what is going to be good for me emotionally/physically/spiritually, and therefor have an easy time trusting my internal compass.

And most importantly, I feel So. Much. Better.

You always hear on the recovery calls that the road is longer than you think it will be, and that is true. ME is not like the flu, where you know you'll feel crappy the first 3 days, like death for 2 days, and then recovery for 5 more days until one day you wake up and everything is clear. It's not like that here, but it is a beautiful and colorful journey if you allow it to be. As Aimee Mullens talks about in "The Opportunity of Adversity" ( ) , you will experience wondrous opportunities, not IN SPITE of your illness, but (hard-to-admit) BECAUSE of it. Let this be your journey. Own it. Become the hero of your story, the leading lady of your own life. You will get better, and you will enjoy everything else that comes along in the mean time.

There is a lot of controversy about whether ME is actually curable or just remissive. I'm not about to delve into what I think about this, but I know with certainty that I will never stop trying to improve my life, my health, and my happiness. When you let go (and let go does not mean "giving up"!) of what you think your life should be, you are so empowered to become the strength that you are in your life as it is, and if you give yourself the chance to open up to that, then you may see your adventure in this life as greater and more multifaceted and beautiful than you ever could have imagined it.

Click to enlarge the Hero's Journey

-I now am working in a retail store part time, on my feet, 20 hours a week.

-I'm still tired when I get home (most of it very physical and mental tiredness, but not SICK tiredness), but I am getting stronger. I've had no relapses or illnesses since I started in April. The hardest part of the day is just getting my shower and getting ready for work. At work time flies and I'm happy to be social and contributing again, even though my Ego took a little wrestling with at first (you have a Masters degree and you're working for minimum wage!?! Who do you think you are! -shush ego!-)

- My diet is so much better. No more addiction to sugar, caffeine, or bread. This has cleared my head and made my body more flexible and clean feeling (no more poisonous muscles feeling!) I love fruits and veggies and try to eat as many as I possibly can!

-I still have goals for my yoga practice, although I've put that on hold a little while I get stronger with my job. A 20 minute session is quite easy now, and always makes me feel better.

- I very rarely have pain anymore like Fibromyalgia.

- Brain fog has cleared 80%. Memory has improved greatly. My boyfriend started teaching me some games that helped me practice basic skills like math and strategy again, and because they were so fun I felt the good brain chemicals releasing too, dopamine and seratonin, making me forget about any symptoms while I play. (Playtime was on hold until I met my boyfriend! I was way too focused for that!)

- I am functioning on a 50-70% scale according to : . I honestly think if I had more resources I could leap to 80-90% very quickly, but I've always been on an extremely tight budget and have had stress with money since I finished school. I could probably work almost 40 hours a week if I had the right kind of job, but perhaps I'm getting a little ahead of myself!

- I do not read news about ME/CFS except what comes through OHC (and even then I am very picky). I don't need to know about my vitamin d levels or mitochondria functioning. I've been to 20 doctors and put myself in massive medical debt trying to fix these tiny little sub-problems that have nothing to do with the root cause of the illness. I don't know if anyone will discover what it is, but I have a handle enough on what I need to create a Healing State for my body. (Thanks OHC!)

- I can travel, go out with friends, talk on the phone for hours, and stay up all day most days. I still have to bounce the boundaries and keep track of my energy, but once a week I can pick something outside of the norm schedule and manage just fine. If I am tired I usually can just nap and feel much better.

-I sleep. You don't know what sleep is until you actually sleep. I sleep now 75% of the time.

- I really love and enjoy my life. I go through mourning periods for what I thought my life in Los Angeles would have been like, but I am also crying tears of joy for how serendipitous and magical my life has been to bring me here to England to live with my most favorite person in the world, and to have the friends I have who support my journey with all their hearts.

Trust in yourself that you will always keep trying to get better, no matter what. Believe that you can do it. Find joy in knowing that you can love your life. Feel empowered to know that you can OWN this journey.

Love to you all
Jenny Sparkle Rainbow Pony

PS If you need a little more Joy in your Journey I recommend the Awakening Joy course, they will accept any payment you are willing or able to make. It has truly inspired me and lifted my heart.

Friday, May 3, 2013

MAY this update be awesome...

My website has been updated to show my portfolio right within the site so traveling to other sites far far away is no longer necessary!

The last two weeks I started a new job in town and am happy to say it is going well and also, the sunshine has been amazing in Windsor!

Drawering has been a little slow but I'll be spending a lot of time on a new project collaborating with the multi-talented writer, Jason Latshaw.

I'm also working on some character design projects and little odds and ends!

Here are my latest doodles, a little sillyness this Friday :D

and here are some photos of Windsor in Spring!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spirit Animal

Two more pieces. Spirit Eagle was made for my Uncle for healing power. Living Green Link Wolf was made for Squash n Sketch blog. Been dreaming in color combinations and at first thought I would do a robot with the grey-green theme, but I think this turned out way cooler.  I have another color story I have to get out of my brain asap but I have already spent too much time on this today!!!

Ta Ta Lovies. <3

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sugar Rush!

Made my own Sugar Rush Kid with an English Tea theme to celebrate my new home country!
I'm hungry now...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

march maddnesss

Hey Spring Chickens... Here is the latest from my squash n sketch contribution. I was sure I had already posted since last time but I am mistaken. That's what the flu will do. Knock your brain into vinegar jello and make you think you've done all kinds of fancy things you haven't. For example, I dreamed I completed an Aardman stop motion film all by myself, and also completed a whole new animation short, boy have I woken up a few times super proud of myself only to realize a few hours later that those were just illusions. Ah well, to dream is to conceive right!? I will be having art babies soon I hope! (to clarify.. not real babies, just ... making art...)

Speaking of babies, my little baby neice Emma (who is obsessed with princesses right now!) just turned two years old. I sent her a postcard of one of the church towers in my previous post and I got a little video of her squealing "Princess Tower, moommmy!!" I love i it made my heart so happy.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Additions

2013 has already been one heck of a year. The move to Windsor has proven to be a much longer process than we imagined, filled with fun new tenant issues (the heat didn't work, the oven didn't work, the bath still doesn't really work, there is mold, which apparently is not illegal to lease out in the UK, a fire alarm with no battery, a burglar alarm with a dying battery which can only be taken care of at £85/hour, and so far our water bill for 15 days is already through the roof, what!?), Matt himself has been cascaded as well with a whole bunch of new responsibility at work, and little nagging stressors of life like taxes, new laws and fees in the UK, and me having to go in for an interview to get my National Insurance number.  So anyway, just lots of "Add this to your Adult Life List of Responsibilities!!" stuff to deal with. But greater than that is all the fun stuff.

In LA I knew I'd found the right place to live on Castle Heights Ave, at Castle Heights Apartments. Pretty much as close to living in a Disney castle as you can get. Well at least as far as the name goes. And now I'm living in an ACTUAL royal city, where a gigantic castle engorges the entire town in shadow! Actually, to be fair, we have gotten way more sunlight in Windsor than we did during Frankfurt's winter, it is sunny 4 days of the week, which is a huge surprise to me. And whenever I need a little sunshine I can walk over to the Castle propped up on a hill and park my bottom on a sun-warmed tourist bench and listen to my Healing lectures.

Speaking of Healing, I'm trying a few new methods in the coming months to make that final push to full health. I've already had the great and surprising advantage of sleeping 12 hours a day (sleep has been a huge hurdle in the illness). A recovery buddy of mine sent me an entire hard drive filled with healing goodies like yoga videos, guided meditations, health/food/cure related movies, recovery stories, and so much more good stuff to keep me on the right track. Right now I'm enjoying meditations and lectures by Jon Kabat Zinn.  My goal of a yoga back bend may take much longer than I had hoped, but I'm still practicing my yoga with my shaky little muscles! Soon I'll be strong and bendy like Elastigirl!

In addition to all that awesomeness, I have a new niece, Kari Renee, who was born on February 6. She is adorable, and she sleeps like a Renaissance cherub.  I have a nephew due on June/July too, to my sister Heather. So exciting!
I am already super obsessed with Kari and her big sister Emma, daughters to my sister Vanessa, and have no idea how my heart will handle it when I have my own since I'm already completely consumed by these two.  My heart aches that I don't get to see them because they are on the other side of the Atlantic, but thankfully Vanessa is a photographer so I will never miss a moment!!!

I couldn't resist, she was in a perfect Adam pose... I had to Photoshop Kari into the Sistine Chapel ...

I've been working on some commissions (see older posts!) and day dreaming of what I want to be when I grow up (ie when I am well and working!!). I've always wanted to be a fabulous Cosmopolitan working lady, balancing presentations with happy hour, in fabulous shoes with a challenged and fulfilled mind.  I had a lot of that in grad school but was so ill I didn't get to fully enjoy it. This is the year I get out of this 7 year hero's journey and unfold into the life I am meant to live.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and I think I've grown enough to know that the next chapter of my life starts now.  Healing with sleep. Growing with artwork. Playing new games. Loving every minute with the love of my life. Exploring a new town. Having tea with the Queen. :)