Monday, November 23, 2009

"family unit limbo"

Hooray it is Thanksgiving this week! This will be the upteenth year I am not having dinner with my whole family, it will just be myself and my little sister Chrissy as my parents have hopped in their retro- motor home and are adventuring their way to Denver to see my older sister Heather and her husband. My other sister Nessie is with her husband in Japan, so it will be a little weird once again. The family unit has been spread across the world for a while now, as ten years ago we all started college and realize we couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then people get married and coupled off.... so anyway, I'm in family unit limbo.
My parents are embracing the mostly newfound freedom of an empty nest (Chrissy is still there, but very much independent) and obviously my two married sisters have their hands full with starting families and new lives of their own. I'm excited about the prospect of building my own unit one day, but for now I'm in limbo land. There isn't exactly that place and those people that I can just go to when I need. I'm really on my own for a while. I guess this is where some people get a cat or a dog, but I'm afraid I'm having a hard enough time just taking care of myself.
The illness itself is lonely on a whole other level, but things like holidays make you realize how quickly those nuclear family moments went by when we were so young. Don't know if I'll be able to make a family of my own, but at least one day I should be well enough to have a kitty or puppy. =P

REGARDLESS! Thanksgiving doesn't really mean family, it actually means lots and lots and lots of delicious food, and you can bet that Chrissy and I are making it happen AND THEN SOME!
Food fills all voids.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Contradiction is a map

So having been sick in bed for the last 3 days I started to finally perk up a little just as I was supposed to be going to sleep for the night. Isn't that just how it goes? The good thing about feeling a little better is obvious, but the downside is that suddenly you feel your responsibilities creeping up and I realized I need to start brainstorming for one of my finals, and fast.
The class is Interactive Animation and I need to come up with a compelling interactive project, so I started brainstorming on WordPad and here's what popped up:

-focus on Thesis, "The Littlest Monk"
-buddhism, growth, compassion, patience
-mission, adventure, snowy mountains, eagles

-focus on CFIDS awareness/ Chronic Illness
-play the symptom game
-smack the doctor

As soon as I typed "smack the doctor" my eyes darted up to "compassion" and I just started laughing hysterically.

I hope you all laugh too.

BTW my inspirations for artwork are

Now my brain is tired again and I will go to sleep. =P