Give it all for Love

A year ago I took off from LAX headed towards Frankfurt, Germany, to join my boyfriend Matt on his adventure of living and working in Europe.  Matt and I had met in 2010 at SIGGRAPH and kept in touch online. A little more than a year later we decided we were falling in love, and Matt came to spend 10 days with me in Denver for the first time as a couple. We became totally enmeshed and spoke for 6 hours at a time on Skype. The long distance relationship was so hard, and we decided only two months later (when I was struggling to find out what to do next, he said "please, please just come be with me.") to take the leap and live together. For me, that meant selling all my belongings and moving country.

It was the biggest risk I ever took, and by far has had the biggest payoff. Matt and I are truly in love. I never knew I could be so comfortable, playful, and blissed out in the company of another human being.

We've lived together a year tomorrow, and I am so happy to be here with him, happier every day, and I'm so glad that the scariest things I've ever chosen to do have also turned out to be the most fulfilling.

Recently we had a trip around Bristol and Bath, and got to spend some time with his family. Everything in England is so beautiful!


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