march maddnesss

Hey Spring Chickens... Here is the latest from my squash n sketch contribution. I was sure I had already posted since last time but I am mistaken. That's what the flu will do. Knock your brain into vinegar jello and make you think you've done all kinds of fancy things you haven't. For example, I dreamed I completed an Aardman stop motion film all by myself, and also completed a whole new animation short, boy have I woken up a few times super proud of myself only to realize a few hours later that those were just illusions. Ah well, to dream is to conceive right!? I will be having art babies soon I hope! (to clarify.. not real babies, just ... making art...)

Speaking of babies, my little baby neice Emma (who is obsessed with princesses right now!) just turned two years old. I sent her a postcard of one of the church towers in my previous post and I got a little video of her squealing "Princess Tower, moommmy!!" I love i it made my heart so happy.


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