New Additions

2013 has already been one heck of a year. The move to Windsor has proven to be a much longer process than we imagined, filled with fun new tenant issues (the heat didn't work, the oven didn't work, the bath still doesn't really work, there is mold, which apparently is not illegal to lease out in the UK, a fire alarm with no battery, a burglar alarm with a dying battery which can only be taken care of at £85/hour, and so far our water bill for 15 days is already through the roof, what!?), Matt himself has been cascaded as well with a whole bunch of new responsibility at work, and little nagging stressors of life like taxes, new laws and fees in the UK, and me having to go in for an interview to get my National Insurance number.  So anyway, just lots of "Add this to your Adult Life List of Responsibilities!!" stuff to deal with. But greater than that is all the fun stuff.

In LA I knew I'd found the right place to live on Castle Heights Ave, at Castle Heights Apartments. Pretty much as close to living in a Disney castle as you can get. Well at least as far as the name goes. And now I'm living in an ACTUAL royal city, where a gigantic castle engorges the entire town in shadow! Actually, to be fair, we have gotten way more sunlight in Windsor than we did during Frankfurt's winter, it is sunny 4 days of the week, which is a huge surprise to me. And whenever I need a little sunshine I can walk over to the Castle propped up on a hill and park my bottom on a sun-warmed tourist bench and listen to my Healing lectures.

Speaking of Healing, I'm trying a few new methods in the coming months to make that final push to full health. I've already had the great and surprising advantage of sleeping 12 hours a day (sleep has been a huge hurdle in the illness). A recovery buddy of mine sent me an entire hard drive filled with healing goodies like yoga videos, guided meditations, health/food/cure related movies, recovery stories, and so much more good stuff to keep me on the right track. Right now I'm enjoying meditations and lectures by Jon Kabat Zinn.  My goal of a yoga back bend may take much longer than I had hoped, but I'm still practicing my yoga with my shaky little muscles! Soon I'll be strong and bendy like Elastigirl!

In addition to all that awesomeness, I have a new niece, Kari Renee, who was born on February 6. She is adorable, and she sleeps like a Renaissance cherub.  I have a nephew due on June/July too, to my sister Heather. So exciting!
I am already super obsessed with Kari and her big sister Emma, daughters to my sister Vanessa, and have no idea how my heart will handle it when I have my own since I'm already completely consumed by these two.  My heart aches that I don't get to see them because they are on the other side of the Atlantic, but thankfully Vanessa is a photographer so I will never miss a moment!!!

I couldn't resist, she was in a perfect Adam pose... I had to Photoshop Kari into the Sistine Chapel ...

I've been working on some commissions (see older posts!) and day dreaming of what I want to be when I grow up (ie when I am well and working!!). I've always wanted to be a fabulous Cosmopolitan working lady, balancing presentations with happy hour, in fabulous shoes with a challenged and fulfilled mind.  I had a lot of that in grad school but was so ill I didn't get to fully enjoy it. This is the year I get out of this 7 year hero's journey and unfold into the life I am meant to live.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and I think I've grown enough to know that the next chapter of my life starts now.  Healing with sleep. Growing with artwork. Playing new games. Loving every minute with the love of my life. Exploring a new town. Having tea with the Queen. :)


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