Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Animated Valentine

I made a really silly animation using the super-user-friendly-but-awkward animation software Xtranormal (which we dissect and frankenstein to animate the Micros) for my LOng Distance Love, Matt, all the way across the globe.  ... enjoy... if you can =P

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tangled up in your LOVE

A little early Valentine from me to you, so you have plenty of time to soak up all the love.
MWAH! <3  

 I did use some sketching from my sketchbook finally to make a .. mostly.. finished piece.
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!
I'll be watching <3 Tangled <3  ^-^

P.S. Anyone have any tips on downloading brushes that have a good fountain pen/pressure look? Want to experiment with different ways of doing line work for drawings...

(PPS Character owned by DISNEY!!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Everypony's Free!

Two in one day!? I'm on a roll! .... don't expect it to keep happening that way...  =P

Squash N Sketch theme this week is Nudity... so... I did this.  ^-^ I find it so hilarious when people turn cartoon characters into sexy things with anatomy and stuff. OMG so silly. So this is my joke on that.

HEADDESK oh well

No artwork to post from January!? Oh well, it was a very busy month. I'm finishing up some projects that I will get to share soon. ^-^

Keep wishing on stars, y'all!