Saturday, July 17, 2010

On my way to AWESOME!!!!!!

I've graduated with my masters degree in animation and have no real job (just a nice little part-time perfection at UCLA admissions), and yet I do not feel lost or free falling or anything. For some strange reason I feel perfectly cradled in a little time-sack arranged perfectly for me to organize myself and my artwork so that I may continue the pursuit of my dream career. Any time I start to question or lose confidence, I just remind myself that life is short, time is limited, and the joy of our life is just out there waiting for us to grab it. All we have to do is work for it, and keep working for it. My problem, as always, has been focus, but I'm working on it and getting better.

Enjoy, my friends, my Animation Demo Reel and my Thesis Film (with full music still TBD, but temp music works too). My Website is also up, as a works in progress.... Please enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ni No Kuni, the future is now

After watching this amazing video game trailer for Ni No Kuno from Level 5 off of Cartoon Brew , a dozen conversations were happening in my head simultaneously. Watching this trailer makes me feel extremely grateful to have started at UCLA's animation program when I did, just as our own old master, Dan McLaughlin, was leaving the program. Because of Dan, us kids who were raised in a digital world got to experience cel animation and shooting on film, classic old school animation style. That paired with my two years of computer animation training can really help me to appreciate the history of animation as a technology and as an art, and while people will look at Ni No Kuni (and all that which follows this style) and go "is that 2d or 3d?" I'll be pleased to know that the mediums have come to a near perfect union.

We've reached a point in our technology where artists can be artists and our medium does not have to suffer because of a lack of computing time/power and knowledge of software work around. 3D doesn't have to look like plastic molds, and 2D doesn't require tedious pencil to paper. I've entered the industry at a magical time, and seeing the trailer for this game makes me so hopeful for the possibilities of animation.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Skyward Geek Out

Yes, I have much more important things to blog about, like my graduation, my job search, my trip to Hawaii, and the 20 stitches (minus two...oops) that I currently have holding my body together, but I can't help it. I need this post so I can purge my utter-inner-Geek-Princess so that it doesn't fester and grow into permanent all out extro-verted-geek-monsterness....

Just heard from E3 news that the new Zelda game is finally planned to be released this holiday season. "Skyward Sword" thankfully continues the more realistic style that I appreciated in Zelda's Nintentdo 64 through Game Cube era minus "Wind Waker". Unfortunately, I see now that Link, our slightly-feminine-fairy-boy-hero, is now wearing MANLY PANtS! WTF? Link is known for wearing a tunic and peter-pan tights! His voice is also a tinge on the more baritone side, leaving my 25 year girl-next-door crush on fairy-boy Link feeling very confused (yes, I have loved him since the very day I was born...what does that say about me? I'm not sure, but maybe that is a topic for other blogger exploration...).

The realistic look works for me better on these larger-game-system formats. The toon-shaded, chibi-Link works great for the Nintendo DS format, on which I am currently playing "Spirit Tracks", ("Phantom Hourglass" was fun, but WTH was up with that gee-golly-darned temple you had to play 20 times!?!?! So annoying.)

While the trailer for the game looks pretty standard for Zelda games... (albeit, not enough rainbows and sparkles for this sparkle rainbow pony...), reviews so far have been positive. Doesn't matter though, nothing could stop me from getting my hands on every "Zelda" game ever.

*doh* and now he's right handed as well!? Does that mean I have to flip the controls over?

Ok. Geek out over.