Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sugar Rush!

Made my own Sugar Rush Kid with an English Tea theme to celebrate my new home country!
I'm hungry now...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

march maddnesss

Hey Spring Chickens... Here is the latest from my squash n sketch contribution. I was sure I had already posted since last time but I am mistaken. That's what the flu will do. Knock your brain into vinegar jello and make you think you've done all kinds of fancy things you haven't. For example, I dreamed I completed an Aardman stop motion film all by myself, and also completed a whole new animation short, boy have I woken up a few times super proud of myself only to realize a few hours later that those were just illusions. Ah well, to dream is to conceive right!? I will be having art babies soon I hope! (to clarify.. not real babies, just ... making art...)

Speaking of babies, my little baby neice Emma (who is obsessed with princesses right now!) just turned two years old. I sent her a postcard of one of the church towers in my previous post and I got a little video of her squealing "Princess Tower, moommmy!!" I love i it made my heart so happy.