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Hello all my beautiful friends - It's been a while since I hopped on to blogger and gave an update. I've continued to share my Tips and Tricks for Sofa Heroes over the last two years so I hope you're still finding lots of good information there if you want to make some small changes in your life, especially if suffering from chronic illness.

I'm still a patient with the Optimum Health Clinic and I also work for Alex Howard on his various projects (check out the new Everyday Alex YouTube channel with recovery stories, inspiration, and tips for chronic illness and lifestyle balance) doing media, administration, image creation, video editing, social media, customer service, and all around problem solver!  I've seen some shifts in my ME/CFS puzzle over the last couple of years especially as I was able to try some new things, but it's still an ongoing journey for me.  Always happy to talk one-on-one you can send me DM's on any of my social media platforms.

Since working on my non-toxic beauty product project I found I was quite depleted in my beauty routine - and I've always loved glamour - so I've decided to try some Beauty Box deliveries as they curate their own collection of new things to try, and that saves me from having to make the tough trek to a pharmacy or drug store to be exposed to lots of perfumes, bright lights, smells, and decision fatigue with way too many products all the time. The curated boxes are giving me a lot of joy in terms of seeing new things, getting back into aesthetics, and reviewing what things I'm really into now.

Check out my new YouTube channel!

If you feel like checking out my new beauty box videos (reviews and unboxings), join me on my new YouTube Channel JennySRP - I'm aiming for 4 videos a month, but we'll see how manageable this is with work and health.  And if you have a beauty line or subscription box that you love (even if not in the UK!) please leave suggestions in the comments for everyone!

This project is helping me get back into video editing (I can try stuff I wouldn't try on the work projects!) and hopefully eventually back into VFX and motion graphics, as that kind of animation work is stuff I find really satisfying - but time, energy, and resources are needed to continue to grow in those areas so we'll just dip a toe in and see where it takes us.

I've been hibernating a bit over the last two years as I worked on some pretty intense issues, but I'm back to creating.

I'm also still drawing on Instagram JennySRPdraws and you can help me keep creating my own work and be a part of my process by supporting me on Patreon!  My goal with Patreon is to be able to purchase some new tools to help me keep creating, like an on-screen drawing tablet or a new camera, an updated phone or computer or even just some new mixed media tools to try.

Hope my spoonies, sloths, nightingales, zebras, bruins, anteaters, friends and family are all doing well - let me know if you have any new projects you'd like me to check out too... xx


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