Day 30 Tips and Tricks for Sofa Heroes: Mocktails

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 It's day 30! Time to celebrate!!
I can't believe I didn't miss a SINGLE day of research and blogging on little tidbits and tricks for people with ME/CFS.
Through the last 11 years I have learned a LOT about living with ME, and I'm really pleased I decided to do this project to put down on "paper" some of those things I've learned. Surprisingly - I still have more blog posts in my head.... which makes me realize...


There is so much information out there, and so many people trying to tell you the right things to do. Be gentle on yourself and thanks to google, you can look up a specific need you have when you need it, or revisit Day 1 of my blog for the table of contents.

Now ON TO the Celebration!!

Let's have a drink - depending on where you are and your levels of illness, if you have ME/CFS you probably can't celebrate with alcohol so here are some sugar free, alcohol free Mocktail recipes so you can also enjoy and celebrate with a fancy fun drink in your hand.

Click here for 4 Recipes by I Quit Sugar
-Blueberry Mojito
-Peachy Clean Mocktail
-Zingy Passionfruit Shaker
-Virgin Ginger Mimosa

For even simpler celebratory drinks - get out the sparkling water, soda water, tonic water, or kombucha, and add a sprig of mint and a few seasonal berries.

To your health and mine.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!
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