Day 28 Tips and Tricks for Sofa Heroes: Green Drinks

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Hi Everyone!
Today we're talking about Green Drinks! What?! Didn't we already talk about Juicing and Shaking? Yes, but finding a green powder drink is a very simple way to get your superfood (and often probiotics) without all the equipment and fresh produce - when you're between shopping trips or just too tired to get out all your tools.

For my very tired days a green drink is a better alternative for me than juicing or shaking - all I have to do is put a couple scoops in and mix with water (or if I'm shaking anyway, like in the photo above, I can add the green powder to my shake).

Green drinks come in a huge variety - but in general offer a compact and simple way to get your vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, protein, fibre, and iron - get the superfoods and the benefits of leafy greens in a quick swig.

Most of them also have benefits that help with digestion and craving/appetite control, and they can help with your energy regulation as they don't have sugar so won't cause a crash.  Green powders with probiotics are a great alternative to yogurt if you're dairy free.

Click here for  a good review of many different varieties of green powders that just need liquid added.

Here's some I've tried
Pukka Juicy Wheat Grass - Chlorophyll anti-oxidants and plant enzymes
The Pukka Juicy Wheat Grass I think is a good quick go to for a green fresher-upper - a great way to jump start your system the day after you may have gone off your healthy eating routine...

What are the benefits of Chlorophyll for people? - apparently great for detoxing, digestion, anti-candida, and reducing redness and inflammation

What are antioxidants? - Antioxidants can help with reducing oxidative stress and deterioration of healthy cells - important when you need your immune system doing its best.

Naturya Organic Wheatgrass - pretty much the same as the Pukka blend.

Naturya Organic Wheatgrass - full of iron, fibre and protein - another great way to start the day.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Original - includes lots of additional green ingredients like : broccoli, spinach, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella and more.

ProGreens is the most expensive one I've tried but also the highest quality (less chalky taste at the end) - and also includes probiotics, so if you've struggled with other probiotic options this could be your ticket. It's sold in the USA and the UK.

What's your favorite quick-mix green powder or superfood drink?

Feel better - see you tomorrow.

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