Tips and Tricks for Sofa Heroes Day 9: Yoga for Hands and Feet

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Hey Everyone! It's yoga Friyay! My favorite!
Day 9 is all about Yoga for the Hands and Feet - Feel yo' body!

Today I'm introducing short yoga practices for your hands and feet. So much of our energy is focused on our core - our gut problems, back pain, heart palpitations, that icky poison feeling - we feel the lack of energy in our main body - but re-connecting with the tips of our fingers and the tips of our toes can expand our field of awareness and connection with our body.

This also helps with poor circulation - with ME there's a lot of bed time and couch time - so these gentle exercises will help the blood flow again - something that is already an issue with ME/CFS since so many of us also have POTS. Getting the blood flow into the feet and hands can help relieve some level fatigue.

These videos may not look like much - but the mindfulness that comes from paying focused attention to the longer parts of your body helps you develop a greater sense of your body-self - and a friendlier relationship with that body too (remember, a little's enough!).

Again I remind you - if anything feels painful -  do not push it. Ease on the posture until something feels comfortable. This is just about you spending some time with your body in a friendly way, not trying to push or achieve anything.

The best news is, you can do most of this from a chair if you need to.

Here are some videos for you, let me know how you get on with them!

Yoga with Adriene: Healthy Wrists - only 4 minutes and you can do it with no sound.

Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for the Feet - 30 minutes - I LOVE this practice, and you can skip the parts that are too difficult, and adjust the poses for doing from a chair if needed.

Simple Yoga for Hands and Feet from GreenTree Yoga combines hands and feet for a seated practice that's only 7 minutes long, for gentle days!

The best part... no headstand required :D

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