Tips and Tricks for Sofa Heroes Day 2: Gentle Movement

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Welcome to Day 2: Gentle Movement

ME/CFS and chronic pain can make you lose touch with your body ("I don't wanna be here!") - Yoga brings the body back into your circle of friends, and together you can start to feel better 😄

The easiest way to start a gentle movement practice is to roll out your yoga mat (or clear a space on your rug), and just lie down.  From there your body will tell you which muscles need to be wiggled, stretched, reached, hugged, massaged or rested. Sometimes you just need to lie on your back and take the time to breathe deep.

Here's a gentle quick 10 minute yoga session with Adriene - one of my favorite Yoga-Tubers! Not all of her classes are suitable for people with ME/CFS but she has such a huge library of videos that you'll always find something that works.

Click here for a playlist I've created of my favorite gentle movement videos to get you started.

Remember that this is all meant to feel good and be helpful. If you feel discomfort or strain - dizziness (I struggle with standing poses!) or pain of any kind - stop, ease back, and take a more comfortable pose.  Real yoga doesn't care if you look silly or if you're getting the right shape with your body - the point is to still the mind and connect with the body.

If you're looking for very specific yoga for ME/CFS try Beat Fatigue with Yoga with Fiona Agombar available on book and DVD and also Yoga for CFS, Stress and Burnout available with a 14 day free trial or subscription to Conscious Life.

I'll be posting more about Yoga each Friday of this challenge - Yoga Friyays are my favorite.

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  1. This is mega useful! thankyou so much, i think i could do these once i get out of
    this viral setback.. ohh the patience. You've done a wonderful job despite your daily suffering. Love & good vibes to you!! : )))) xxxxoooo

    1. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much your comment and support means to me. Gentle stretches - be good to yourself and listen to your body. I hope you feel better soon!


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