Tips and Tricks for Sofa Heroes Day 11: Magnesium

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Hi Everyone! Day 11 is about a little chemical element called Magnesium.

Magnesium is crucial for our neuro-muscular systems and is most abundantly used in the heart, muscles and liver - so it's crucial for our basic functions and natural detoxification processes.

Magnesium is most naturally consumed in leafy greens - so if you haven't gotten on the spinach train yet, it's time to throw it into your smoothies, soups and curries!

The vital mineral is often found depleted in people with ME/CFS so it's time to learn how to get those daily magnesium boosts up. You may especially notice this if you have muscle fatigue, spasms, cramps, and twitches.  This is my main symptom so I'm all over the magnesium!  Our bodies are depleted of Magnesium because it's being overly used up by a hyperactive nervous system, increased oxidative stress and irregular muscle repair processes (hence post exertion malaise and improper lactic acid production).

A craving for chocolate could also be a craving for magnesium - and if you reach for chocolate do try super dark (80% cocoa or more with limited sugar) and remember it can keep you up if you eat it too late at night. Reach for some almonds instead (leafy greens, nuts, seeds, avocado and banana are also high in magnesium) if you're on your elimination diet or doing cortisol testing.

Always seek advice from a doctor or nutritionist before going gung ho on supplements, but some very safe and easy ways to get magnesium (other than making spinach your homeboy) is to take Epsom Salt Baths (you can buy salts in bulk on amazon) and using magnesium lotions and sprays.  I notice that spraying my calves before bed gives me a calming effect and does sooth my muscles.  Epsom baths are one of the best ways I know how to relax - as the salts heavily concentrated get magnesium straight into your body and also detoxifies at the same time.

Tip for the bath - you don't want the bath too hot. Epsom salt and the magnesium in it are best absorbed in slightly warm water. Stay in for 20-30 minutes to maximize the benefits.
If you are too ill to sit in a bath, you can also use a foot bath with heavily concentrated amounts of epsom salts (suggestions will be on the label of the bag) - the feet are great absorbers.

Sprays - I have tried these three sprays and like them all, though ArtNaturals seems to be less itchy to me than the BetterYou brand - this can be changed by adding water too.

I have not yet tried magnesium lotion but that's on the list.
Enjoy your bath!

More tomorrow - Feel better!

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