Tips and Tricks for Sofa Heroes Day 10: Relaxation

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to day 10 - one third of the way through the 30 day challenge! Click here to help me raise money for The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation so that they can bring integrated functional medicine techniques to more people with ME/CFS.

I'm having a very rough day today so we're going to keep it simple!

Today we're talking about relaxation.

While the stigma of people with ME/CFS is that we're unmotivated and lazy and depressed, the truth is I have met a LOT of people with ME/CFS and they are ALL extraordinary. Intelligent, driven people who often LOVE life and want to get the most out of it. Granted - some say that this attitude can lead people to get sick in the first place - over-doing-it - but our desire and intentions are certainly not the cause of us being unable to achieve our career/fitness/family/financial/life experience goals.

My mind is busy before I even wake up in the morning. I have very active dreams in the early hours and can wake up exhausted - when I open my eyes I have an instant of silence before my brain starts whirring away with to do lists and active thinking.  Mindfulness and Meditation have been massive keys in helping me manage this (and this can be exacerbated by the physiology of ME/CFS disrupting the nervous system and the stress response).

There are lots of ways to relax - but making sure you make the time for it and set yourself up so that you have the space to do it takes mindful effort - you'll be better for yourself and for everyone else when you give yourself the space for this.  When you're busy or stressed, it's even more important to do!

Here we have a 4 minute guide from Vicky Fox (Yoga for People Affected by Cancer) on how to set yourself up. You can practice for 4 minutes or an hour - listen to your body and do what you need.

Share your favorite relaxation tips below - I'll have more tips on this coming up with different methods.

If you feel so moved to help The OHC bring an integrated approach to more ME/CFS patients, Click Here to Donate to the Optimum Health Clinic Foundation

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