Day 20 Tips and Tricks for Sofa Heroes: Slow Down

Chillin' out - am i doin' it rite? > still learning < Help the OHC here!
Hi Everyone!
Today I'd like to experiment with slowing down - something that sounds really simple, but in practice can be a real challenge.

We live in a super-speed world - constant notifications, speedy digitalization, and demands to fit more into our day - the exact opposite of what a sick person needs to heal.

I wonder how fast I could heal if I was chill like this guy - DOH! I did it again.. be OK with slooowwww
I want you to see if you can mindfully do a task today in slow motion - taking a shower, or getting ready for bed, brushing your hair or practicing yoga - doing things in slow motion increases your focus (and quiets the noise) - and allows you to witness just how fast you've been trying to rush through things.

See if you can catch yourself when you have a busy mind or you find yourself rushing around, and just say to yourself "slow down".

People with ME/CFS have over-active nervous systems, with theories going so far as to say that ME/CFS may be caused by the autonomic nervous system being stuck in the stress response, or "fight or flight" with disruptions in the amygdala. It's important to do what we can to try to be mindful about slowing down when we can.

This is the concept behind self-healing with qigong  - giving mental clarity and focus, and calming the body with gentle, slow attentive moving.  The philosophy behind it also goes into spiritual aspects, but if that doesn't sit right with you it's not a requirement for practice.

Here's short 12 minute practice that I like to do from time to time (if standing is too hard, I think you can also mimic the movements seated as well).

Another way I have found to slow down is to make myself comfy and tune into ASMR videos (What is ASMR?).  This won't be for everyone, but ASMR is a technique used to calm and relax - the sensation is likened to that of having your hair played with or someone smoothing your back - but all you need is to listen. These videos are recorded with binaural microphones so they're great with headphones. There are also sometimes visual ASMR "triggers" like watching someone use a brush or paint, or watching kinetic sand fall apart.  This one combines all these with the "slow down" of daily task so see if it relaxes you!

And if you want to go with yoga, try Slow Down Yoga with Graham Burns on Conscious Life (Conscious Life is the company I have the pleasure of working for :D).
Here's a clip on YouTube of the practice if you want to look into more.

Let me know your favorite slow-down-technique in the comments!

I hope you feel better, see you tomorrow!

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