Day 18 Tips and Tricks for Sofa Heroes: The Hero's Journey

Dreaming for a brighter future for people with ME/CFS

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm keeping it short and sweet as this is the first day in a few weeks where I was able to socialize and have some fun.

The Hero's Journey as described by Joseph Campbell can help us make sense of our human experience, and start to see ourselves as the Hero, The Leading Lady, of our own lives.  The clip I shared in the previous links talks about the cycles of the Hero's Journey - and how we can apply it to the struggles and victories of our own lives.

As an animation lover and storyteller I've learned how to use stories to make sense of my own life, to apply metaphors to my own personal situations, and to see life in general as a story.  I love the quote "When you're having a bad day - try to see your life as a comedy instead of a drama". I'm not sure who said it but it's a great piece of advice.

I want you to share your favorite things that keep you inspired - the few things that even though you are ill, are ideas or stories or tools or toys that keep you inspired and looking towards a hopeful future.

I grew up as an artist and went to school for film and animation - so I love storytelling - both as an escape AND for making sense of my reality. I love animated films and my go-to's when I need to be lifted up are Disney's Tangled and Meet the Robinsons.

Tangled is the perfect allegory for being stuck in a decade of chronic illness (the tower) and for what life would be like once we're free (running and jumping) - but it also helps me realize what fun I can have while I am here - painting and reading and dreaming.  Everyone has their own dream - or their own inspiration (my boyfriend's is Rocky) - what's yours?

I also love Meet the Robinsons - I relate to Lewis - the orphan living in a world that hasn't caught up to him yet - and growing into a world created by his ideas - that the future is always brighter, that we're all always evolving.  Another good one for this idea is Big Hero 6 - whatever happens - there's always a new story, a new hope. It's also where I get one of my favorite "mantras", Keep Moving Forward, one of Walt Disney's favorite sayings.

So - I know inspiration and movies and stories that touch you are different for everyone - so I'd love to hear what inspires you.

What movies or stories tell your hero's journey?

Feel better - see you tomorrow.


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