100 days of Miracles Part 1

For the last 23 days my life has been completely devoted to Miracles.  After the rough road of recovering after my last journey outside my boundaries I was feeling really down, really dark, really desperate. I just KNEW there was another way and I didn't know how to get to it.  If you're actively partaking in the clinic (or other readers, you are on your own journey of healing and self discovery), you have read most or all of the books on the suggested reading list like I have. I have completely loved and resonated with the work of Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, etc , and have studied the work of the Dalai Lama for 10 years. I have seen glimpses of "The Way", the FLOW, where you feel like you're moving effortlessly down the stream of life, but through this illness everything has felt so WRONG I kept thinking I needed a miracle to knock me on my head before I actually GOT it.  So I get glimpses of this joy every time I emerge into a course (likeAwakening Joy or a psychology course), but not until devoting myself to this 100 days of Miracles have I been able to hold on to the flow in a consistent, more reliable way.
On a dark day a friend suggested I re-watch Finding Joe (I'm a huge fan of the work of Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey, which we are all on) (it's available in a bunch of places free online too) and instead I came across Abraham Hicks. I have watched an Abraham Hicks video before and thought it was neat but a little bit to out there for me. (it is not for everyone. but it is so fun to me right now.) This time though, which ever video I first clicked on really resonated with me and I went on an Abraham Hicks binge. That's where I came up with the idea to be extremely intent on finding joy and miracles in my life.
(Here is one that is concise and clear about most of the message, to follow your intuition and your joy)
My biggest worry at the time was to find a job. When I started my first day of Miracle watching I found online that the job I applied for last year that I really wanted was suddenly available again.  I got two interviews over the course of a week and really thought I would get it. I didn't get the job. Then Abraham Hicks video said to me "when you don't get what you think you want, you're getting ready to receive what you REALLY want." Two days later I got a freelance job that pays A LOT more, was work that was easy and enjoyable, part time, working in my pajamas, and I didn't even have to interview. It was a completely seamless process, the job pretty much just dropped in my lap.

That's just an example of what has manifested for me so far. Personal Miracles are sort of like dreams. They are so vivid and clear to you but when you try to explain them to other people they just sound weird.
So this is the process. I have a journal which I write in every day now writing down everything that feels like an aha moment, a synchronicity, or something that excites me and screams "YES" to me. Anything that says "HELL YES" to me, I write it down.
 I focus on a mantra or affirmation, and feel the feeling of it. Not just gritting my teeth and saying it.  Because watching the videos got me in a really good feeling state (the healing state), whenever I am out of the healing state I realize I just have to jump back into it. I used to think I had to FIX whatever was wrong before I got back into the healing state.

Now all I have to do is take a nap if I'm really overwhelmed, or do a meditation or visualization of how it would feel if I had everything I wanted.
For example, most people want to win the lottery. I imagine what I would get from winning the lottery.
I say to myself, here I am, lying in bed, with my eyes closed. I could be a billionare right now and I'd still be here in my head cause my eyes are closed. How does it feel knowing I have a billion dollars? I feel powerful, I feel like I can do anything, I feel respected and worthy, I feel like I can make a difference in the world, I feel happy and elated that I can share so much more with my friends and family, I feel like I'm a real creator, I can vote with my money and make a difference. I can do whatever I want tomorrow. I am secure, I am safe, all my needs are taken care of. Then going like that and visualising it I can FEEL all those feelings of happiness and security. That's how I know I'm in the flow. Then it is so much easier to see all the things going RIGHT in my life. The idea is to focus on feeling right. You are having a bad day with tiredness or symptoms, focus on the thing that is going right. "My kitty is so loving and playful, how fun to watch her. This is my favorite TV show I love these funny characters. My favorite blanket is always here right beside me.  Thank goodness for all these flavors of herbal tea to keep me satisfied."  OR remember a time in your life where a miracle happened. Where synchronicity flowed and everything worked. Keep telling that story. Stop telling stories about things you don't want. "It's not what you hate that makes you an interesting person, but what you love..."

It can be so frustrating when ill, feeling like you should be somewhere else doing something else. I want to tell you you are exactly where you are meant to be. That is what I
meant in the post about "Amore Fati", love thy fate. Once you stop thinking your life is wrong you can feel the rightness of it and follow the rightness to the other side.  For me, focusing on the story of how I met Matt and how I came to suddenly be on the other side of the world with the love of my life when 4 years ago I was pretty certain I would remain a celibate hermit for the rest of my life because I didn't think anyone would ever relate to me and be able to love me is proof that you don't have to personally craft the most amazing miracles in your life. You just have to be open to the idea that wonderful, beautiful things want to happen for you every day.
Expect Miracles.

I have certainly had times during these last 23 days where I can feel myself out of it. I'm feeling negative and overwhelmed and out of it.  But because I am so focused on having  a miraculous experience, I simply can remove myself from a situation (go to a different room, take a nap, go for a little walk), and not try to FIX anything, just look at anything to get me excited about life again. There is so much fun to be had. Focus on your fun!

(Here is another exercise I do. I imagine walking into the nicest hotel I can imagine and checking in at the counter. The consierge says "Oh we've been expecting you! Have a seat by the beach in your fully stocked luxury cabana. Have a nice rest. The Universe is currently organizing everything to work out for you and will be ready for you soon. Enjoy."  I love this exercise because it FEELS TRUE, and feels lux and fantastic.)

Simultaneously I've been reading,"Finding your Way in a Wild New World". If I could buy a copy for every single one of you I would.  I'm already making a list of people to send this to as soon as I can.  Martha Beck has always been a radiant beam of inspiration for me, and this book describes all of us on this journey together to a T! Her biggest point is that the way of the modern world is going to just shrivel up. Too many people are breaking their lives over working 9-5 jobs that do not fulfill their souls work. Through that people are getting lost as to why they are here. This book is so uplifting and amazing, and I hope you all get to read it. It speaks so much truth and helps you find the path that is lit up by your joy.  I mean, I have about ten million other book recommendations too if you want them, but for right now this one is so ON. And every lesson has just so happened to line up with whatever Abraham Hicks videos I've watched that day.
actually the first part was Ralph Waldo Emerson.. but.. ok Internet...
I hope over the next 76 days I have more miraculous stories that show you proof that focusing on joy and miracles works. It works because I feel SO MUCH BETTER, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, but it works on larger, more material levels too. More to share as things unfold.
 Miracles. Miracles are a NATURAL part of life. They happen every day. Start noticing them :)

"Whether or not this is true, Believing in miracles, ESP, synchronicities, time travel, and the ghost of Julia Child have made my life infinitely more interesting." Martha Beck

PS 2... I have not lost my rational, scientific mind. I have just decided to believe in the stories that give me joy more than the stories that give me pain.

SLOW DOWN this jem from Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert


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