More birthday wishes coming true, thank you, Celia!

Tomorrow I'm heading to Windsor for a day to stomp around my new city, and see what awaits me in February! No luck finding a place to live yet, but I know we'll find the place that is just right for us.
First week of the new year have focused on good health with juicing and trying to relax, though the upcoming move has more stress than we thought. We're both trying to stay ultra cool and trust everything will work out.
And finally for Squash n Sketch (it's ALIIVEE) I drew my New Year's Resolution to do a back bend. I still have no idea how my body is supposed to bend that way, but watching other people do it gives me faith!! Working on it very slowly and gently.
Ta for now, Lovies! Off to jolly-ol-England for 36 hours ;)


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