It's the Little Things that are the Great BIG things...

Matt and I shared our 1 year anniversary this weekend, on his 25th birthday Nov. 3. Yes I'm dating younger. =P. He has brought so much love and magic in my life.
We met at the Los Angeles SIGGRAPH in 2010 as student volunteers for the computing and digital technology in entetainment and design conference. In other words, we have big Nerd love.
Matt is a research and development assistant for Konami Digital Entertainment, designing game play for the Yu Gi Oh trading card game, and I am a trained 2D and 3D animator but as you see do mostly illustration now.  So the nerd love began... well not quite at SIGGRAPH, but we kept in touch over the course of the next year as we both had enormous big life shifts and when the dust settled, the Universe said "IT IS TIME!" and over skype we developed a relationship filled with compassion, joy, laughter, geek talk, and huge, all encompassing, wrap you up with both arms, big Love.  He came to visit me in Colorado in January of this year and in June I came out to Frankfurt to be with my man For Good.  We're moving to the UK together in February of next year.

Our life together is small, humble, and extremely, hugely, magnificently filled with love. We are true partners, companions, and complimentors. I'm OCD, and he's ADD. I'm Type A, and he's Type what are we doing? I'm over-anxious and emotional, he's cool as a cucumber and steady as a rock.  I love this guy. He has made my life so very very happy.


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