Wowza! Birthday Wish Report

Omigosh! This Sparkle Rainbow Pony is filled to the brim with love and gratitude for her 22 backers, the sum of 1000 blog views, 107 video views, and the result of eternal thanks from one very lucky girl.

Please click the image to the left to see all the thank you doodles I made in thanks for the donations and commissions!

I raised enough money that I can sit back a little til the end of the year and not push myself too hard.  I hope and pray this is the beginning of a new cycle for me in my health, but no matter what I will never EVER forget the kindness, compassion, and attention that my friends, family, and even strangers have shown me over the last two weeks.

If anyone struggles with ME/CFS, or knows someone who does and wishes to talk about it, I am MORE than happy to share my experience, advice, and commiserate.

More to come in the short future, these sketches have taken a lot out of me but they have been worth every electron of energy.  Tomorrow I am headed to the Essen Toy Fair and may take a while to recover from that but will be back with an update as soon as I can, hopefully more Halloween Art!!!

SO MUCH LOVE, wishes, kisses, hugs, rainbows, sparkles, and oodles of joy to all of you.



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