Grumpy Jenny is Grumpy

You talkin' to me? YOU talking to ME!?
My panties are in a bunch today. I mean... I have "reasons"... but really I'm just plain GRUMPY!
To add a little joy to this grumpiness I have made a Grumpalumpagus album, a public album on my Facebook page where you may find a compilation of the funniest and cutest grumpy animals you have ever seen.

Since my last blog post I received so many compliments about how I've inspired and stayed optimistic through tough times, and I am so grateful for all who gain that from my stories because that is the point. But even us eternal optimists get grumpy sometimes, and I'm actually more curious about grumpiness now than ever! What a funny emotion!

Let's see some great Deviants interpret GRUMPY today!

What makes you feel better when you are grumpy?


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