First Month in Frankfurt

 Hello Everyone! The formatting of this post is a little weird because blogger does not translate very well with google translate, and it does not allow me to log in with my stealthy IP converter to log me in from an english speaking location, soooooo I'm sorry for the wonkyness!

It's been one month since I arrived in Frankfurt and I am so happy.  For the first two or three weeks it was a little on the "testing" side, did I do the right thing? Am I crazy? Do Matt and I even LIKE each other!? The answers are Yes, No, and No, we LOVE each other :).  This has been a crazy magical experience and it only strengthens my belief that great reward comes with great risk, courage, heart, and determination.  It was not easy getting all the requirements I needed to get here, including selling my baby car and packing up my life into two suitcases, but now when I wake up and realize I am HERE I am the happiest girl in the world.  I have had my fair share of recovery and relapse since I got here, hence not a lot of touristing going on, a lot of time in bed, but thankfully we have a GREAT view from our 14th floor studio apartment so spending all day looking out the window when I am in too much discomfort to read or watch TV, study German or draw, is half of the beautiful experience of living in a new city in Europe.

The weather here has been interesting, it's pretty humid and when it is hot it is MISERABLE, but there is  a lot of beautiful summer thunder storm and clearing that happens, a lot of beautiful sunsets and the green everywhere is so beautiful.  The hot days only come in twos or threes so there is not long before relief.

 Matt has been incredibly supportive in my health and care, begging me to continue on acting as though I am truly on vacation for 6 months, which is so hard for me, since I am what they call the "Acheiver" type, which probably is what has kept me sick for so long in the first place.

I've been going back to drawing on paper since sitting at my computer can be very hard when I'm having neuro-toxic symptoms, and I'm happy to see how much better my line is on paper than on the computer. I thought I would have to give up art all together!!

I updated my website and set up a commission page, so hopefully I can do some commissions here and there to keep up with my work and make a little spending money.  Please let me know if you're interested in drawings for gifts or fun :).

I won't get to see much of the olympics but I am rooting on both my home countries USA and UK for the win. Love the concept of the whole world coming together for these games. So inspiring and heart-lifting.

Love to everyone <3


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