Bon Voyage!

Megg's Castle Wall site is now up, featuring my illustration work!

I'm leaving for Frankfurt in only two days, and am so excited. Watch this space! I wrote about the journey on my Spirit blog so as to keep this space mostly art related.

Squash n Sketch is also updated so keep checking the great artists contributing there!

Catch you on the other side of the world!!!
My life in 2.5 bags...


  1. Hey, I don't know you.... but I am one of Vanessa's online friends. I literally just read your whole blog tonight. I just feel the need to leave a comment. Your "drawerings" , animations, sketches...etc are amazing! You do such an awesome job! Vanessa posted your Squirrel Tale on FB when you first did it, and I remember thinking that was the cutest thing and how awesome it turned out. Now I need to watch your Jellyfish Niche!

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that your blog is soo inspiring, even to those of us who do not have chronic fatigue syndrome (I hate calling it that after reading your blog.) I am thinking this is the same thing my aunt has, but although you have every right to complain, give up, and do seem to stay positive and keep going, and encouraging others and uplifting others as you go! Reading your blog uplifted me and gave me a greater insight of this. Thanks for being so open, yet positive with this. It is inspiring and hopefully can help others dealing with this!

    Anyways, I am so happy for this new chapter in your life. I wish you the best. Hope everything continues to go well and only gets better! Safe traveling and take care!

  2. Omygosh thank you so much! That makes my day completely. I hope you'll stick around for my updates :) More to come, always. Thank you for making my heart happy =D


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