King Work In Progress

Here is a glimpse of one of the character portraits I am doing.  I am learning so much. I realize I have absolutely no experience with clothing and should look into that!!! This King should give you an idea of what Ricky Gervais would look like as a king :P  Learning so much as each portrait goes.  For each of the twelve portraits I am getting them to a "mostly done" stage before then revisiting each for final corrections and details, because the nature of this work is that the last one you do is the best so hopefully going back I'll be able to make everything look like the best.  Sometimes it gets overwhelming when you just can't get something to look right, but I find that leaving it for a day or two and coming back makes everything much easier. It is easy to overwork something that is sitting in front of you. For this kind of work I definitely have learned that simpler is better.


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