Fail, Fail Again

I shared this already on my Spirit Blog, but know that it is totally applicable to my followers here too... Hello Friends! Sometimes the pursuit of a creative and fulfilling career disappoints us or has us overwhelmed by our failures.  All it takes to remedy this is a new perspective on our "failures". What if that word just didn't exist in our vocabulary? Every experience we have builds our library, and we can only continue to become richer, smarter, stronger spirits in this human experience.

Also, today I urge you to open your mind to synchronicity, allow yourself to see all the ways that the universe, or your life, or the little creature at the control tower in your brain is actually really helping you along your life journey.  Yesterday I posted a meme described by Marianne Williamson as an illustration of what it means to "believe", that thoughts become reality, a beautiful moment in Disney's Cinderella when she has lost all hope and her fairy Godmother appears. 

Later that same day, Andreas Deja made a Disney Archive post on his blog about the Fairy Godmother. A little wink in my direction that reminds me we are all connected and moving forward together.

REMEMBER! There is room for EVERYONE to be beautiful, successful, rich, and happy beyond their dreams. In fact, that's the point.


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