2012 Happy New Year!!!

Ahh... breathe it in.... that's the smell of a brand-spankin' new 365 days laid out right in front of you... scary? exciting? joyful? all of it... I'm looking forward to this year, lots of new beginnings and adventures in store for me!

In the Spirit of the new year.. I've created a blog for my more spiritually related posts... I've developed a hobby for Tarot, as I am enamored with the story of the Fool and his journey through each turning point in life, and how that Hero's Journey can be applied to each of our lives.  A lot of you know I've had quite a few big events in my life which have led me to asking a lot of questions, and I find a lot of answers, or comfort, or just pure entertainment, in Spirit.. for all it's meanings, serious and silly, magical and mundane. So anyway, my blog is called Spritely Spirited as I envision myself somewhat like The Fool starting his journey, with a spring in my step, bouncing forward with both a widely open mind, but also a healthy dose of skepticism right there by my side to make sure I don't just leap off the cliff (into insanity, probably...).

January will start off great, as my annual 12 + 3 card reading indicated, with Love (6M The Lovers). Two weeks of good animation work to start off, and then I have two weeks of a long-awaited vacation. I need a big does of FUN in  my life, and it's right around the bend.

SLONJAVAH and good health to you, my friends! Wishing you a very happy, health, creative, and JOYFUL new year!!!!!


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