Tarot: Power

The Fourth Card in the Major Arcana has been "stalking" me, as described on the Tarotize blog... and I haven't really given it a chance to sink in and tell me what it needs to. I can do a little of that right now, but frankly, I think I'm too tired today to let anything sink in... it's going to have to process over the next few days or so.

A little background on this card. Traditionally "The Emperor", but in the two decks I use most often, they are "Authority" and "Power" and have come up often in both, especially paired with either the sixth card (The Lovers, or Love), or some other supporting emotion card in the cups series (The princess, prince, knight, queen, and king of cups, as well as Love Begins and The Heart Chakra in the psychic tarot).  At first I thought the warning was not to become to opressive or hot headed or egotistical involving a relationship, but now I feel the cups cards are an emotional support to my harnessing the power of the Emperor.

The Fool was given options by the Magician, and decided on one with help from the High Priestess. He learned how to develop it thanks to the Empress. Now it has reached as stage where he must find a way to manage it. How to do this? He approaches a great Emperor seated on a stone throne. The Fool is amazed by the way the Emperor is instantly, eagerly obeyed in every particular, at how well his Empire is run and organized. Respectfully, he asks the Emperor how it is he does this. And the Emperor answers: "Strong will and a solid foundation of laws and order. It's all very well," he explains to the Fool, "to be imaginative, creative, instinctual, patient; but to control one must be alert, brave and aggressive."
Ready now to lead and direct rather than be led, the Fool heads out with new purpose. 

Basic Tarot Meaning
The Emperor, as Aries, the Ram, naturally follows the Empress. On the one hand, he is Mars (the planet that rules Aries) to her Venus, her lover and compliment, father to her mother, civilization to her nature, imposed order to her artful creativity. He is the "All Father" giving his children the structure they need in their lives to help them become responsible adults.
Aries is also, however, the first sign of the Zodiac, metaphorically the "infant." Like an infant he is filled with enthusiasm, energy, aggression. He is direct, guileless and all too often irresistible. Unfortunately, like a baby he can also be a tyrant: impatient, demanding, controlling.
In the worst of circumstances, the Emperor is a despot, imposing his will capriciously on his subjects. In the best of circumstances, he signifies an intelligent, enthusiastic leader that everyone wants to follow, the great monarch of an orderly, lawful, thriving Empire.

What's interesting about the combo in the Goddess Deck is that Freyja is also the goddess of Love and Beauty. Hopefully the harnessing of power is toward a beautiful, productive future, though some part of me feels like the image of Galadriel freaking out when frodo offers her the ring could be true too. I have no idea what that means for me, but I feel most drawn to this Kingdom Hearts Emperor card ... the kid sitting there in the King's seat, not really sure what he is doing there or even if he wants that crown on his head. I'll sit with that for now and see what else comes up as we move forward.


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