2011 Art Calendar

I saw a few of my fav artists on Deviant Art putting these together for their work, so I decided to too! It's nice to see I've actually been creative this year!

January: a soft and spiritual start to a new year, a new adventure, filling up the dark sky with little dots of light as I go... a great metaphor for my healing journey and new start in Denver.
February: Serendipity aligned and I got to work with The Micros this year, a perfect job to keep me creative and working from home. I love working with the team and look forward to seeing where things go in 2012!
March: A brand new spark of magic in my life: My niece Emma Rose Madison Sanoja was born! I am totally mesmerized by her!
April: I began working on a series... that didn't go anywhere. I drew "The Fool" tarot and intended to do a full deck, but my subconscious is wrestling with whether or not I should spend my time with characters that aren't my own! But then I try to do my own and struggle to get inspired! Ah well.. we'll see when tarot card number two comes around.... Tarot has been a huge hobby of mine this year. Anyone want a reading!?
May: The royal wedding, sure was inspiring!? right!? I drew this my little pony with it's very own fascinator...
June: I had so much fun on my trip back to LA that I had to draw my Disnelyand Outfit... since I'm not much of a fashionista, the "outfit of the day" theme didn't carry on too much longer ...
July: This year I've been so inspired by the Girls Drawing Girls blog, and have been trying to keep up with lovely ladies to one day be a part of this blog! Nothing I love more than lovely girls being lovely.
August: This month I did good... I filled a page-a-day in my sketch book, to get the pencil mileage going. It was a good month but not a lot of completed works came from it... a great practice though!
September: I started the Squash n Sketch blog which has been a great way to keep the creative juices flowing. It is so much fun seeing all my old classmates post artwork to the different themes! This one was for the "kittehs" theme!
October: I'm always inspired by Halloween, so GREAT! My little sister Chrissy loves zombies, so I stepped away from the sickeningly cute and cuddly for this piece, and glad I did!
November: What a magical month. November was the start of a hugely wonderful and magical relationship with my boy, Matt. He makes my heart so happy!  I drew this picture for his birthday on Nov 3, which also is now our anniversary <3  ... ahhh amore!
December: Love stardust moose! I'm so glad I took on this task for a Christmas card. It is probably the most complete and intensive piece I did all year. Yay portfolio addition!

Looking forward to more creativity, magic, and wonder in 2012!!!!


  1. This is so cute, Jenny! I can't believe how creative you are. I'm still working on the stick figure...


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