super kuwaii

Hello Blog. I have been so all over the place.
I turned 27 on Tuesday and got a super special card from my parents that made me cryle (smile + cry).
My parents always know how to make me feel special. They got me this uber special Wizard of Oz ruby slippers necklace that I just adore.
When I was a kid, my sisters and I would always BEG for sparkly red shoes, and when I got a pair, I loved them so much that I wore them to bed. The Judy Garland Oz adaptation is spectacular, but as I kid I was more struck by the film Return to Oz which featured the wicked witch's minions as lanky giants with wheels for hands and feet, and evil rocks that came to life.  So the annual family hiking trip to Yosemite became a super-adventure when I was convinced all the rocks we hiked over were about to chomp off my feet. Wearing these ruby slippers around my neck will ever-protect me from rocks nipping at my toes.

It was amazing to hear from my friends all over the world, sending me love and well wishes over the interwebs. I had happy birthdays from England, Germany, France, New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, New York, Los Angeles, it is really mind boggling and wonderful.

My life as of late has been crazy as I've been working with one of my BFF's  Natalie on illustrating a children's book. The deadline is early next week so I think I'll be able to rebound then.

So in the mean time... I wanted to share this piece today that I found on Deviant Art...
Game Girl by Sakimichan
 It makes me happy =D.



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