Strengthened by Life

Tarot Strength VIII by SavingGraces

I have been so exhausted, and in reading my prayers today came across the line "May you be strengthened by life" and had to pause...
The thought "Strengthened by Life"... seemed so strange to me... the thought of living a life in which life actually gives me strength, vitality, oomph... that is what I want. So today I prayed and prayed and prayed... please God (or the Universe, or Science, or my Conscious, or my dog! anyone!) please show me how to gain strength from life. Please show me how life can be lived without depleting me, whithering me, exhausting me, please show me how to live a life that increases my energy and vitality, please show me this life! Please help me be STRENGTHENED by life."

I will continue to meditate on this, and continue to live from a place of Love. It has been challenging this week to find the balance between Love and being taken advantage of with my work, but I have to Trust in what is truly right, Trust in balance, and remember what is really important.

8 Strength by Nendil

VIII Strength by Odessa

As long as time endures, and as long as sentient beings exist, may I be a source of Love that Heals the miseries of this world.


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