Happy Halloween!!!

wowowow! I made TWO halloween drawings this year! YAY!

Well I really wanted to get the Devil Tarot Card done, so far I have only done one card this year LOL! If I do two a month I can get the major arcana done in a year, but we'll see if that happens. OH WELL.  Tarotize blog has a great interpretation of the Devil Card which I really agree with. To me it is more about fears that hold us back. The traditional tarot represents "the chain that is freely worn", which I originally interpreted as "you deserve the bad that you get because you asked for it" which doesn't jive with my soul, so instead, I realize now the Devil is more  of a humorous and helpful card that helps our fears just melt away.  I have spent a lot of time studying dreams and being able to be conscious in them, and in the dreams I am actually able to face my fear, the fear ends up being something really lovely  or lovable, or at least really harmless.  The devil doesn't represent the situation, it represents your own willingness to be fearful of it.  You can be fearful of a skeleton for what it represents, but you know, upon touching it, that it will simply crumble and have no more influence than a rock or stick.

ANYWAY HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I love this holiday and this time of the year. Enjoy!


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