COMIC CON (envy and mourning!!)

For some reason, the universe does not want me to go to comic con. Comic Con has been on my dream board since college, and the last three years I have had films playing there, meaning access to 4 day comic con passes were in my reach, and yet alas, another year and another unavoidable reason for me missing my beloved comic-con.... UNIVERSE WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!??!? . LOl. Enjoy this geekiness I made today to mourn another year of lost fun.

(also notice my hair is very big in this drawing. It is humid in Denver recently.)

If you are going to Comic-Con this weekend, go to Room 9 on Sunday at 11am to see my film Jellyfish Niche and support the San Diego International Children's Film Festival. Also playing are films by my fellow Master's Grads from UCLA.


  1. I feel ya! I've never been to Comic-Con and is on my list of things to do. Next year!!

  2. hah your cheeky drawings are all kinds of delightful.
    this one made me smile big time!
    keep up the fantastical work x


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