Zoo Fun!

Became a member of the Denver Zoo today! Had a great time watching all the animals. See my video of the Tiger Habitat Here! Now that I'm a member I will hopefully become a pro at drawing animals... as long as they sleep in positions that I can see! I definitely got better as the day went on. Got to talk to a lot of people too, which was a nice surprise! I told all the kids to keep drawing!

I found a new favorite, a bird called the Paradise Tanager. He looks like a daft punk creation! The color is just so brilliant, and he looks like he's wearing a neon green face mask. An even better surprise is when he lifts his wings, underneath it is bright red orange and yellow!

Another bird I really enjoyed for the texture was this grey bird who looks like he's wearing armor, but then he turns around and it looks like jewels on his tail! I'm not really a bird person but these creatures got me so excited!

Haven't done much work with color and texture out in the field so maybe that will be a task on one of my many visits over the next year of my membership =D
Now I need a nap.


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