work in progress: peter pan

So here is my peter pan work in progress. I usually would never post a work in progress because I get so self conscious, but because I'm trying different things here I wanted to post this to see if I could get any tips or feedback. I'm not used to doing backgrounds really, and I'm trying to play with brushes to get different textures. My original inspiration was trying to get a light through the leaves look but I think that is a last minute thing.

I guess the trick is really to just keep inching forward but I definitely get stuck trying to figure out what's next! So painting tips welcome. *shrug*


  1. looks really good!!
    Is this in Photoshop cause I know a few tips.
    If it's Illustrator, the tips would probably be the same I'm guessing. I know both pretty well but am more familiar with PS

  2. yes it's photoshop. as you can see i kind of have an "underpainting" thing going on but not sure where to go. Want it to be more painterly than the stuff I've done but maybe it's not working out for this piece!

  3. Oh nah, it's working out great actually. If it were me doing this, I would put in a little more gradation in the background greens and blend them a bit with the smudge tool. Then maybe add a little more texture to the tree with bark but just a little to keep the painterly feel.

    You could even smudge the bark also to keep the painterly look. And then the foliage in the trees and on the ground. and some more slight smudging.

    For textures, I really like the chalk brush.

    Then from there, you could pretty much add the shadows. Cause it looks as though you have a very solid foundation for the lighting.

    Hope this helps a bit! :-)

  4. Thanks Andy! That's actually very helpful, YAY!

  5. You're very welcome!! Looking forward to seeing the finished work! :)


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