Tuesday needs a REBOOT!

Today the massive alphanumeric box set of Reboot: The Complete Series (Seasons 1-4) was released on DVD and I WANT IT ! ^__^ As Mike the TV would say, "It's absolutely FREEE for only ninety nine, ninety nine, ninety nine!!!" (it's actually only $45.99 on Amazon)

Reboot was one of those series I was obsessed with as a kid, and since my uncle and dad made sure my sisters and I were all up on computer shiz we understood all the little nerdy-nuances in the show. (Though I'm not as up on the computer-science world today, I did set up nearly my entire dorm's computer systems way back in 2002). According to Reboot's official Fansite, there is still a Reboot movie in the works, though it's been stuck in the Hollywood ether for ages. All I have to say is, I'll wait forever if you make sure it is a damn good movie.

So all you geeks get out there and get your box set. Maybe that will inspire Rainmaker to push ahead on the production of more reboot stuffers. *sigh* oh nostalgia.

Here is some great concept work from Matt Rhodes. Enjoy!

(I also want this release-of-the-day T_____T <3 LOTR extended blu ray box set yay!)
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