Monday Joy: Fairies!

This month, Pixie Hollow (an online game created by Disney Interactive Media Group) hosted a contest to create a new pixie outfit. While I have logged about 2.5 minutes on the game, I have a particular attachment to the game since one of my mentors was an animator at DIMG for Pirates and Toon Town and would always make fun of my love for tinkerbell, yet affectionately sending me gifts and photos of interesting tid bits in the pixie hollow corner.

All the pixies wear clothes made out of bits and pieces from nature so I decided to make a pansy dress inspired by all the pansies my sister and I planted in our flower boxes this spring.

and here is my fairy:

(being recently blonde I thought the rules required the submission to be totally hand drawn, expilicitly saying "no screenshots" but my friend Natalie explained to me it probably meant no screenshots from the game. *shrug* happy to get my colored pencils out anyway)

and here is a fairy I drew way back in 2003:

I pretty much used to exclusively draw fairies and got many a request to draw templates for tattoos (though I don't know if anyone ever got the guts to actually do one!). Going back to my old sketchbook reminded me of days of old when I had more energy to draw, and gives me so much hope that once I'm fully recovered my vim and vigor will translate to my animation and painting. Right now it seems like the more I try the worse I get, but a lot of that has to do with my mental clarity and energy as I go through this bigger journey in my life.

ANYWAY, how about some great fairies from other artists!

By DarkMello (she has some great fantasy work)

By Imaginism, a very cool Canadian concept artist.

And then there is one of my fav painters, Josephine Wall, and her ridiculous fairy paintings here.
Coming up: I've been working on a digital painting of a famous fairy-boy and his pixie companion. I have some freelance work to do for now but if I have energy I'll have the new painting done in a couple of days! =D


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