My "zen moment" memory that I access whenever I need to go to a happy place is Friday afternoons when I was in Junior High. Junior High is a particularly mortifying time for most, and on Friday afternoons when the school bell rang to let out for the weekend, I would hop on my 10-speed bike with super high-tech mileage counter and ride downhill all the way home to my pizza, cartoons, and TGIF TV blocks. That is my happy place.

ANYWAY since So You Think You Can Dance has been back on the air, I've felt that happy place zen moment watching all the dancers do their stuff. So amazing! And last night, my college friend Ryan Feng danced with Quest when LMFAO performed, and that gave me such a happy feeling of "Yes! We can do it! We can live our dreams!"

I drew this piece with ink and water for my sister for Christmas a few years ago:

These sketches drawn while watching this season's Top Ten Boys perform.

And now some REAL awesome artists and their works that say "Freedom" to me...

Artists: mehmeturgut (a macabre style, love his "dance in the shutter" series), LightformGR (digital art designer), Serena-Kenobi (painterly movie moments) , Infinite705 (Great digital photos w/ effects, hip hop style dancers and more!), and Strawberry93oo.

Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Friday! BE FREE!


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