Artist of the day: Sakimichan

Sakimichan is another 20 year old genius digital painter, who is currently going to school somewhere for animation and art. *GAH GIVE UP NOW!*
She's amazing and an inspiration. I really am glad she posted this body guide as well for drawing basic figures. After devouring all her hundreds of works with my hungry eyes I went back to the painting I'm currently working on and immediately went... *headdesk* ..... WHAT AN AMATEUR!

This girl is 20. I figure though if I keep up at the pace I've been going at I can be like sort of decent by the time I'm 30, and I won't even be at my mid-life crisis yet! YAAYY.

Without further ado... please enjoy Sakimichan's beautiful work.

Also, here is the link to Sakimichan's BlogSpot... (please notice how she has 400 followers. I have 12. and they're all my mom.)


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