Artist of the Day: Brianne Drouhard

Brianne Drouhard

My friend Natalie gave me a precious gift when I was in LA, a fabulous print of Brianne Drouhard's magical work, and as I was doing my Brony research I saw she was friends with Lauren Faust on DeviantArt (I recognized her Billie the Unicorn Icon) and now I've been stalking her for half a day looking at all her super fun work. She blogged one week about watching Rainbow Brite and Thor and how they should totally become one in this amazing piece below uniting the rainbow bridge from both films.

Yes, starlight, you ARE magnificent!

Brianne has also done fan art for The Last Unicorn, one of my fav animated movies!

*sigh of relief* This morning I prayed I'd have some direction to move forward with my life, and after looking at Brianne Drouhard and Lauren Faust's work, my heart feels so happy!


  1. That first picture is SO ADORBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh and her artwork is so your style.

  3. The fox in the ice cream reminds me of Roxy and Atreus!


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