Facinating Fascinators

Had a big weekend of plays, derby, and flowers as I went and saw a production of Chicago, went to a Kentucky Derby party, and then went to the Botanical Gardens on Sunday. All that in combination with the amazing hats called Fascinators present at the Royal Wedding had me inspired to do a fascinator sparkle rainbow pony.

Still really getting used to painting in photoshop, I'd love to get into painting with textured brushes more often. I'm also really wanting do dive into Illustrator because as my art teacher said, I couldn't draw a straight line if I tried, so I adore Illustrator and Flash for the self-correct line and want to do more with that...

These are the hats my sister and I made for the 2011 Kentucky Derby (we went to a great bar where they had raffle bets and mint juleps of course, darling!)

Denver Botanical Gardens, lovely on Mother's Day


  1. love that you and your sister got all done up for the derby... and your hats were faaaaaab.

  2. Jenny, I just love your drawings. Your hand drawings are still my favorite. I wish I had a giant piece of Jenny art for Emma's room. Love you!


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