The Department of Justice pulled a fast one on the online poker industry yesterday, meaning that..... Honestly I have no idea what it means. I know virtually nothing about virtual poker... what I do know is that the sponsor of The Micros animated web-series (for which... I work...) is Full Tilt Poker, the head of which was indicted yesterday for multiple charges....

ANYWHO.... as far as I know, the Micros will LIVE ON! Hooray! But the future is still uncertain as far as production scheduling and plot-lines go... Alas, life is always uncertain so I'm not too worried. =D

I love love love working on The Micros. I love the writing, the characters, the creative ways we work around the limited animation of Xtranormal software, the fun photoshops we get to do... the great music and artistic choices made for each shot... this is exactly the kind of job I hoped for. The team is a great group of creative minds, and seriously good guys.

I may as well share also one of my workings-on for Micros T-Shirt designs... I'm struggling to learn Illustrator, so may make my way to the Denver Library very soon to get an instruction manual.

(I am prepared for the 90% male population of the poker world to scoff, but I do what I think is cuuute. :P )
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I like the designs. You should do more of some of the funnier moments with the characters. I would certainly buy one of the girl getting the electro shock therapy. You could even have the shirt say "hit me again"

    Illustrator is a lot of fun was you get the again of it.


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