A misst ye sae muckle!

Hou's aw wi ye? (proper Scottish greeting, of course! lol)

My sister and brother in law just returned from their week long adventure in the UK and Scotland and now I get to post the best part... the GIFTS!

While some people (ahem, GINA!) yearn for Kate and William memorabilia, I wanted NOMS!

For those who don't know, my mother was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, and my lineage goes back to the MacLeod clan, so I get very excited about Scottish things in general.... plus I spent a year living in Leeds, UK during study abroad in college so I had many a memory flash back during the recounting of their adventure.
The black and yellow is my clan's Tartan. (like hufflepuff!?)

This afternoon I will be in bliss having tea with all these goodies, of them all battenburg cake being my fav!

*A misst ye sae muckle! means I missed you so much in olde tyme Scottish*

Guid cheerio the nou!!!!


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