keeeep going!

A busy day today finally feeling a lil energy after a rough couple of days. Started off the morning photo-shopping for my boss' birthday, and then sealed the workday working on some sketches from Tangled. I originally started a concept for valentine's day but figured I needed some work with the characters first. As long as I do it eventually, right? Just trying to keep it up as I can despite my deeep dark fears of never getting it right (but what's the point of that?!).

Happy Birthday, John! Enjoy the Micros Here!

"There's an image of Rapunzel free, flying in the air, as a sunburst, which says so much. This is a girl who has to get out and bless the world." -Glen Keane


  1. based on glen keane's description, you are rapunzel...

  2. I love and concur with above comment.


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