Endless Zelda Celebration

The Zelda Celebration just continues! There is so much exploding on the web with the 25th birthday of The Legend of Zelda and I'm here to share it all!

First up, this epic scroll painting found on Geekologie.com.

Next, www.1up.com shares videos, music, game secrets and reviews, and everything else Zelda you can think of.

Of course, Hulu is also celebrating by posting the 13 episodes made for TV, which are supremely cheesy and addicting. Will Link ever get a kiss from Princess Zelda!?

So much good stuff. I wished to share drawings I have made over my many years in Zelda fan-dom, but all my books are in California *sigh*. Time to make new ones! In the mean time, enjoy these other favorite Zelda Fan images:

By Genzoman

Link and Navi

By ZaphK


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