Big News, Big Trip, Big New World

Feeling a little like Rapunzel in her tower, this princess is ready to explore a new world...

In January, I will be driving out to Phoenix with my car packed to the brim, to meet my sister and embark on a road trip to a new destination: Denver, Colorado. This is no ordinary trip... this might be giving "stay-cation" a new meaning; you stay where you have vacationed. My visit to Denver will last anywhere between a month and the rest of my life, depending on what destiny has in store for me. I would bet on the latter rather than the former.

My health has improved enough that I'm ready to shift into a new gear, and this is actually necessary in order to get to the next level of recovery.

William Wordsworth said, "A deep distress hath humanized my soul." and through this challenging and dark experience, I have come to see life turned inside out, and a new life is just the thing to initiate exactly the change I need.

While logically, my brain is still doing cartwheels trying to figure out "WHY!?", my little heart that beats leads me to believe this is precisely what I need to do.

My biggest sadness came about when I questioned: "What about my career in animation? what about my friends? what about hollywood!? WHAT ABOUT DISNEYLAND!??" to wich my happy little heart reminded me...."Disneyland will still be there in 5, 10, 20 years". And I believe it. Everything I am leaving behind will resurface again at another time in my life when I am ready.

Plus... Denver has great shopping.

(My new Home)

(Actually, this is what it will be like until like... May... )

Rapunzel courtesy of Disney Animation Studios , Tangled is absolutely my new favorite movie of all time.


  1. Why are you meeting in Phoenix? Oh my gosh I'm so excited!!! When did you decide to move to Colorado! Why is the family migrating? I'm so happy for you, new life! wohoo!

  2. What about your sister!
    Hahaha <3 I love you and I am happy for you!

  3. Hooray for my new roomate! We can't wait to have you here with us, and I can't wait to stock my fridge with even more organic goodies! Seriously, if you want to go organic/green/healthy, Colorado is THE place to be!

  4. YAY! My heart is singing with JOY! =D


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