Making this house my home...

I've been back at my parents' for a couple of weeks, and this time around things are a lot different. At first I wanted to keep things as minimal as possible, but being away from LA has made me feel very disconnected from Animation and the industry I love, so as you can imagine, I felt a lot better when I put my *friends* and inspiration around me.

For my birthday on Monday (October 11, woot woot!), I took myself shopping with some gift cards that have been sitting in my wallet for quite some time and got some pretties for my room:

This pretty retro-clock radio goes perfectly with my ocean green walls...

And this Canvas Print of Buddhist prayer flags over the Himalayas was a perfect karma find since this time last year I was searching for images just like this one for my initial thesis idea. That film may still come to fruition, but for now I hang these prayer flags over my bed-head for sweet dreams:

(both finds are from Urban Outfitters)

My mom also gave me this thoughtful Disney plate to aid me on my journey to recovery:

And that fits in to my cork board, which is a blank slate each time I move it to a new location. It's already filling up with current, relevant inspiration and love from friends and family:

And Finally, I also have my gang of 'toon fiends here to protect me from nightmares, pain, and illness:

I'm settling in. The journey has been rough so far, but I am reminded constantly of the infinite possibilities and opportunities out there. Plus there is always inspiration in my favorite 'toons and the inspiring people who make them and love them as well.


  1. Of course you had to make your room full of Cartoon Awesomeness!!!! It's only natural.
    Love the new additions. Love you! xoxo

  2. love the new room, jenneh~! ordered a belated birthday "something" that'll add to your decor. i hope you'll like it :)


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