baby, baby, baby, OH!

Nothing like a baby to inject some fresh perspective into day - to - day life. Granted this baby is only the size of a lemon at this point, but it is still so inspiring!

Last weekend my sisters and I were together for #3's baby shower: the first pregnancy for the stistars.

We had fun decorating and making foods galore. Yummmmo!

Heather found this amazing puff-ball-creating-kit at Marshalls, which filled the space beautifully!

The best part about ANY party, the gifts! Did you know you can do virtually no wrong with a baby gift? ALL OF EVERYTHING IS SUPER CUTE!!!

Next time the Sherman Gals are together, there will be a darling little dumpling to add to this bunch.


  1. She's not the size of a lemon! She's 1 pound, and as long as a large banana. Haha!
    I had so much fun with my sisters. I miss you guys already! I can't wait until Spring has sprung so that we can visit again WOHOO!


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