Packing Ye Olde Boxes

Just a quick note to mark one of my last days here in LA for the forseeable future. It is in some ways going to be really wierd moving back to my old home town, but my focus is set on healing so I am optimistic and actually excited about the experience and the journey.

In the four short weeks since I started the program, I am already noticing a significant reduction in my Fibromyalgia pain. I am experiencing far different types of fatigue with my ME/CFIDS, sleeping better at night, and my immune system has been revving up tackling lingering bugs in my system. So far, so good.

No cupcakes or yummy frappaccino's for me, and I've been stoked at my discipline regarding my diet, because really, I would do anything on this earth to be healthy again. A $6 blended confection is well worth the sacrifice.

Hasta Luego, my adorable apartment that I have loved living in for the past three years. No regrets as I leave the town that started my faith in having a creative career. As they say in the biz, tune in next time, folks, cause while this show is moving to a new network, it definitely isn't over.


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