Bless'ed Jewels

My heart is so full from all the support from my friends and family this last week with my decision to start a new journey and with the recent publishing of new clinical studies. I have really felt all your thoughts and prayers and so appreciate your well wishes. It is really amazing how once you decide to do something you know is truly right for you, no matter how hard, you can kind of slip into it with confidence and ease, knowing that others around you truly want you to be happy and well too.

In the words of the fabulous Rachel Zoe, you are all my very bless'ed jewels.

Photo by Eibo-Jeddah


  1. That photograph is stunning.

    That said, I'm so glad you are happy. I love your full heart. <3

  2. You are my bless'ed jewel too! AND you are ba-na-nas.


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